Welcome to this special EMAP VIP section.


You are here because you meet the requirements that I have set for this page.


So… how does this works?


Everything listed in here will only be available for a very short period of time (7 DAYS)


And always from Friday Till Friday 18:00 HOURS LT


If I add new patches in the VIP section, you will be notified by sending you an email.


I don’t physically have any of those patches in my possession yet, so I can’t give the you the size of them, but they all come with Velcro Hook/Loop Backing!


You also should know that I have to pay your order upfront, so that is the reason the patches in here are being pre-sold, meaning you pay for them straight away, and I will ship them out to you once they arrive here at HQ EMAP.


After those 7 DAYS you will receive your patch in about 14 days!


I don’t have to tell you you can trust me on that!


Thank you,



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